Scandi meets Mad Men apartment

16 Apr 2014

Just came across this stunning Stockholm apartment which gives off a distinct 50's air mixed with the coolness of Scandinavian simplicity. Doesn't come as any surprise that this gorgeous home belongs to a set and prop stylist called Joanna Lavan. I wonder how many of her own pieces end up on shoot?! 

Images via Dustjacket.

PS 2014

14 Apr 2014

It has to be said that living in an Ikea free Country is a hardship I have to bear. But it doesn't stop me from lusting over their latest collection 'PS 2014'.

Known as the 'On the move' collection, Ikea are zoning in on us urbanites who take residence in cities around the world. All the items in the collection are designed by product designers under the age of 30, a little age biased, but at least it's supporting the emerging global talent! Here are a few of my favourites....

Images via Ikea, House & Garden.

Bathroom makeover

1 Apr 2014

Finally at the weekend I managed to photograph a bathroom makeover I did from last year. As many of you know, getting finished pictures is a rare delight as clients tend to settle in to their new surroundings quickly!

Here is a before pic of the bathroom, had to interrupt the cleaner whilst busy with her hand-washing!


The biggest challenge with most bathrooms is lack of space. This one certainly came with size constraints. Originally an 'L' shape, we reclaimed the linen cupboard space responsible for this and expanded the shower area. The client was keen to create a clean cut 'hotel bathroom' feel with warmth brought in through honey beige tones. 


It's always nice to have space either side of the sink to place your products, so when space is limited a great solution to go for is a moulded sink. This one is from Showerhaus, and fitted beautifully into the space and from a practical angle, no messy grout to deal with. Winning!

Want to make a space appear larger than it actually is? Opt for large scale tiles and take them up the wall. The less grout lines you have, the better.

I'm a huge advocate for plants in a bathroom, go tropical with the odd delicious monster leaf, or a cool collection of succulents. Another great tip is adding an ornate framed print or painting. The bathroom instantly goes from impersonal to familiar and fun. Plus we all need something to stare at whilst enjoying a visit....??!

If you love the artwork shown here, miss+meisie have a limited supply, so give us a call!

Images by Hector & bailey.

Colour hit - Barabra Kitallides

27 Mar 2014

It's raining in a normally sunny Durban! Suddenly, all the bright colours nature provides us with turn muddy and drab and although it's quite homely for me (being a UK gal) I instantly miss the vibrancy. So it was a pleasant surprise this morning to see that The Design Files are hosting their first quarterly Art exhibition and the artist is non other than Aussie colour guru, Barbara Kitallides

If you ever need a colour hit, Kitallides have the talent to blend the most vibrant of palettes that bring a huge smile to my face. 'Decoding The Jungle' is the theme for this latest exhibition, however I'm filling your day with colour and treating you to a sample from each of her past and present collections!

To see more of Barbara's work, hop over to her site here. More on the TDF exhibition here.

Wednesday's wants

19 Mar 2014

I don't think I can get more passionate about Carrera marble right now. Especially when mixed with a palette of greys and a shot of metallic (think brushed brass). Being such a versatile medium, the applications are endless. It's also a safe bet as it never seems to go out of fashion. From steps to worktops, from tables to tiles, I'll never tire of this beauty.

Images via Pinterest, Interior Originals, Ideas To Steal, Pinterest, Comfortable Home, Pinterest, Nreio.

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